2016 Race Results

As I hit the ground running in 2017, here’s a brief recap of my race results from 2016 – it was an amazing year with so many highs and very few lows!!! Definitely my best running year to date…it didn’t come without hard work and smart training & recovery. I hope to write a blog post about it all soon!


17th Jan: Two Bays Trail Run

56km 6:10:51 (61st overall, 54th male, 54th age category 18-39)

First time racing this event

23rd Jan: Trailsplus Australia Day Midnight Rambler (trail)

5km 23:05 (3rd overall, 3rd male)

10km 56:56 (8th overall, 7th male)

21.1km 1:56:33 (10th overall, 10th male)

First time racing this event


27th Feb: Roller Coaster Run (trail)

43km 4:53:31 (28th overall, 23rd male, 10th age category 30-39)

Previous result: 5:33:22 (2015)


5th Mar: Victorian Baptist Fun Run (road)

16km 1:11:40 (5th overall, 5th male, 2nd age category 30-39)

Previous results: 1:11:13 (2012), 1:13:04 (2013), 1:12:44 (2015)

14th Mar: Trailsplus Brimbank Park Urban Trail Run

50km 4:17:27 (1st overall, 1st male) – first ever race win!

Previous result: 4:36:29 (2015)


19th Mar: Brewsters Beer Run (trail)

21km 1:54:02 (18th overall, 14th male, 6th age category 31-40)

Inaugural event


10th Apr: Run To The Dog (trail)

10km 45:20 (9th overall, 9th male, 9th age category Open Men)

Inaugural event

24th Apr: Trailsplus Maroondah Dam Trail Run

50km 5:39:16 (6th overall, 6th male)

Previous results: 6:06:01 (2014), 5:55:46 (2015)


14th May: Ultra-Trail Australia

100km 13:27:10 (108th overall, 96th male, 37th age category M40-49)

First time racing this event


29th May: Trailsplus Mt Macedon Trail Run

50km 6:07:39 (9th overall, 9th male)

Previous result: 7:42:32 (2015)


4th Jun: Traralgon Half Marathon (road)

21.1km 2:19:44 (pacing friend/coaching client)

Previous result: 42.2km 3:19:52 (2014)

18th Jun: Trailsplus Princes Park Urban Trail Run

24-hour 175.031km (5th overall, 3rd male)

Inaugural event



16th Jul: Trailsplus You Yangs Trail Running Festival

100-Mile 20:30:27 (3rd overall, 3rd male)

First time racing this event



23rd Jul: Run Melbourne Half Marathon (road)

21.1km 2:09:08 (pacing friend/coaching client)

Previous results: 1:40:41 (2011), 1:33:40 (2012), 1:33:52 (2013), 1:37:46 (2014), 1:37:22 (21.1km 2015), 50:48 (10km 2015), 26:55 (5km 2015)

31st Jul: Roseville Chase Rotary Fun Run (road)

10km 40:46 (new 10km PB, 10th overall, 10th male, 2nd age category 40-49)

First time racing this event


14th Aug: Trailsplus Tan Urban Trail Running Festival

100km 8:58:51 (2nd overall, 2nd male)

Previous results: 9:36:58 (2014), 9:53:12 (2015)



3rd Sept: Surf Coast Century (trail)

100km 10:08:24 (43rd overall, 27th male, 3rd age category 40-49)

First time racing this event


4th Sept: Hoka One One Trail Running Series – Race 4

23km 2:08:59 (66th overall, 55th male, 16th age category 40-49)

First time racing this event

24th Sept: Trailsplus Surf Coast Hell Run (trail)

63.3km 5:59:51 (3rd overall, 3rd male)

First time racing this event


24th Sept: Run Maroondah (road)

10km 44:28 (18th overall, 17th male, 17th age category 18+)

Inaugural event


23rd Oct: Ned Kelly Chase (road)

100km 8:50:39 (new 100km PB, 3rd overall, 3rd male)

Previous results: 11:18:48 (2013), 10:47:54 (2014), 9:42:03 (2015)



6th Nov: Trailsplus Marysville Marathon Festival (trail)

50km 5:01:35 (12th overall, 12th male)

First time racing this event

13th Nov: Helping Feet (trail)

23.5km 2:09:37 (2nd overall, 2nd male)

First time racing this event


27th Nov: Run For The Young (road)

42.2km 3:07:58 (new Marathon PB, 5th overall, 5th male)

Previous results: 3:29:41 (2014), 3:37:50 (2015)


31st Dec: Trailsplus New Year’s Eve Rock Around The Clock (trail)

6-hour 55km (2nd overall, 1st male)

First time racing this event


Looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings…