2017 Race Results

After an amazing year of running in 2016, it was always going to be difficult to follow up and maintain those great results in 2017. Unfortunately, the past 12 months have not gone as well as I had hoped, but I still managed a couple of good results early in the year. As we head into 2018, I hope the injury niggles are behind me and I’m determined to get back into some form.

Here’s a look back at my running results from 2017…


15th Jan: Two Bays Trail Run

56km 5:30:59 (47th overall, 40th male, 16th age category 40-49)

Previous result: 6:10:51 (2016)

28th Jan: Trailsplus Australia Day Midnight Rambler (trail)


6-hour enduro 62.4km in 5:44:51 (new 6-hour PB, 1st overall, 1st male)

First time racing this event



17th Feb: Oscars 100 Hut 2 Hut (trail)

100km 21:34:00 (9th overall, 8th male)

Inaugural event


26th Feb: Warburton Up and Running (road)

21.1km 1:32:17 (new half marathon PB, 23rd overall, 18th male, 6th age category 40-49)

First time racing this event


4th Mar: Victorian Baptist Fun Run (road)

16km 1:06:34 (New 16km PB)

Previous results: 1:11:13 (2012), 1:13:04 (2013), 1:12:44 (2015), 1:11:40 (2016)

19th Mar: Trailsplus Brimbank Park Urban Trail Run

50km 4:35:29 (3rd overall, 3rd male)

Previous result: 4:36:29 (2015), 4:17:27 (2016)

📷: Trailsplus

26th Mar: MY Mt Eliza Trail Run

10km 0:44:26 (2nd overall, 2nd male, 2nd age category 40-59)

Inaugural event


1st Apr: Trailsplus Princes Park Urban Trail Run

24-hour 198.579km (new 24-hour PB, 1st overall, 1st male)

Previous results: 175.031km (2016)


30th Apr: Trailsplus Maroondah Dam Trail Run

50km 5:25:33 (10th overall, 9th male)

Previous results: 6:06:01 (2014), 5:55:46 (2015), 5:39:16 (2016)


14th May: Mother’s Day Classic (Lilydale – road)

5km 0:20:29 (1st overall, 1st male)

First time racing this event


20th May: Ultra-Trail Australia

100km 14:11:12 (Bronze buckle, 214th overall, 183rd male, 68th age category M40-49)

Previous result: 13:27:10 (2016)




4th June: Trailsplus Mt Macedon Trail Run

50km 6:33:21 (18th overall, 15th male)

Previous result: 7:42:32 (2015), 6:07:39 (2016)




30th Jul: Run Melbourne Half Marathon (road)

21.1km 1:34:32 (318th overall, 285th male, 74th age category 40-49)

Previous results: 1:40:41 (2011), 1:33:40 (2012), 1:33:52 (2013), 1:37:46 (2014), 1:37:22 (21.1km 2015), 50:48 (10km 2015), 26:55 (5km 2015), 2:09:08 (2016)



27th Aug: Trailsplus Tan Urban Trail Running Festival

100km 9:21:03 (2nd overall, 2nd male)

Previous results: 9:36:58 (2014), 9:53:12 (2015), 8:58:51 (2016)

📷: Trailsplus


9th Sept: Surf Coast Century (trail)

100km 10:55:06 (85th overall, 46th male, 11th age category 40-49)

Previous result: 10:08:24 (2016)


23rd Sept: Harvest Run (road)

13km 0:58:47 (15th overall, 13th male, 3rd age category 40-49)

First time racing this event


24th Sept: Run Maroondah (road)

15km 1:04:50 (4th overall, 3rd male, 3rd age category 18+)

Previous result: 0:44:28 (2016 10km)



22nd Oct: Ned Kelly Chase (road)

100km 9:04:18 (4th overall, 2nd male)

Previous results: 11:18:48 (2013), 10:47:54 (2014), 9:42:03 (2015), 8:50:39 (2016)



12th Nov: Trailsplus Marysville Marathon Festival (trail)

50km 5:28:05 (15th overall, 14th male, 8th age category 40-49)

Previous result: 5:01:35 (2016)


26th Nov: Run For The Young (road)

42.2km 3:31:35 (8th overall, 7th male)

Previous results: 3:29:41 (2014), 3:37:50 (2015), 3:07:58 (2016)


What’s in store for 2018? More challenges to be tackled, more goals to be achieved…I hope it turns out to be a good year!


One thought on “2017 Race Results

  1. Thank you, Mak! Very impressive! I enjoyed reading all the events you have done and good photos. You have done very well! Wishing all the best for your run and good health in 2018!

    Your No. 1 supporter after Ros!

    Love mum

    Sent from my iPad



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