IMG_5026-1I started running in 2010…I gained 15kg (33 pounds) during a 3-week holiday to the U.S. and knew I had to do something to get the weight back down. I found running to be the easiest way to do so.

Running didn’t come easily though – I struggled to run around my suburban block in the early days. I did manage to run around the block after a couple of weeks, then started venturing a little further. The more often I ran, the quicker the extra weight started to peel off me. Within 3 months, I was back down to the low 60’s, which is my normal range.

Now that I wasn’t running just to lose weight, I found that I really enjoyed running…and the rest, as they say, is history!

I used to stay away from trail running – I felt more comfortable running road events and I was scared to try the trails. I regret not giving it a go sooner – I love the trails! Spending time in big forests, running single tracks and struggling up big mountains and then tearing back down the other side – love it!

I’ve recently become an ambassador for a great trail running events company, Trailsplus. They put on a dozen trail running events here in Victoria, Australia – small, intimate events which have a great vibe, supportive atmosphere and the best volunteer crew going around!

So, now I run Ultra marathons (mainly trail but a couple of road as well), and in what has become a tradition/trademark, I enjoy a good burger and craft beer afterwards! Hence the name Trails ‘n’ Ales!

This blog is just the ramblings of an ordinary person trying to do extraordinary things – I hope it helps to inspire others to get out there and chase some big dreams and challenges, while also enjoying the good things in life!

Happy running!


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